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Male Grooming made easy with The Man Company!

Indian Beauty and Grooming industry is dominated vastly by female-centric products. It is still a testing task to find dependable brands for all the desi gentlemen. The Man Company is indeed a promising brand targeting the male grooming segment with some impressive assortment of products. This company wants to provide the most exceptional care for men as even the males deserve the best.

Founded in 2015, the Man Company offers superior essentials for men’s various skincare and haircare needs. The brand is held under the ownership of Helios Lifestyle Pvt Ltd, located in Gurgaon. The visionary founders of The Man Company are Mr. Bhisham Bhateja and Mr. Hitesh Dhingra. The budding startup has so far received the financial backing of Ventures like Emami and the Smile Group. 

The Man Company is known for its premiere class products, formulated using the valuable elements of nature. The brand’s entire range is created without harmful chemicals like Paraben and SLS. Each deliverable gets stimulated with completely cold-pressed organic essential oils. The company aims to ensure that its products do not trouble sensitive parts of your body like eyes, skin, and hair follicles. The Man Company also avoids the use of damaging mineral oil. The brand adds no artificial fragrances and substitutes the unsafe petrolatum with natural beeswax. Each creation of The Man Company is invigorated with loads of organic ingredients and herbal extracts.

There are customized collections for different requirements, like party preps, office goers, and travelers. The brand also provides a separate set of goods for specific skin and hair-related concerns. Tanning, acne, dullness, body odour, excess sweat, rough and patchy beard, shave cuts, beard growth, dryness, hair fall, and dandruff are among the various issues addressed by their specialized products. The company even offers exclusive deals in the form of gifting combos. You can gift these product combos to the special men in your life.

The Man Company’s Grooming Collection  

For Body

Soap Bars, Body Wash, Anti-Sweat Lotion, Anti-Chafing Cream, Tattoo Lotion, Tattoo Care Oil, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Wash, Sanitized Wipes, Footcare pack- Antiseptic Foot Soak, Foot Massage Scrub, Foot Massage Cream, and Foot Softening Mask

Fragrances- Body Perfumes, Eau De Toilette

For Beard Care and Shaving

Beard oil, Moustache growth oil, Beard Wash, Bread Crème, Beard Wax, Clear Shave Gel, Shaving Foam, Pre-Shave Oil, After Shave Gel, Post-Shave Lotion, Razors 

For Face

Face Wash, Face Scrub, Face Serum, Peel-off Mask, Face Mask, Sheet Mask, Moisturising Cream, Skin Brightening Cream, Sunscreen Lotion, Anti-Acne Gel, Anti-ageing cream, DIY face care deep cleanse set- Charcoal Gel, Coffee scrub, Charcoal Peel-off Mask, Moisturising and Skin Brightening Cream. 

For Hair

Hair Oil, Hair Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair wax, Pomade, Anti-Hair fall Serum

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