Super Smelly

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About Super Smelly

 A marvelous deodorant brand for the teens and tweens

Super smelly came into being in 2018 when two Indian women, Mrs. Dipali Mathur Dayal and Mrs. Milan Sharma, realized there were no safe and harmless deodorant options in the market. Once, Dipali visited a supermarket to purchase a deodorant for her teen daughter, and one look at the ingredients was enough to disturb her. There was no deodorant available in the market with natural and safe ingredients. The ingredients list on every fancy bottle of deodorant was full of harmful toxicants. That was when Dipali Mathur held hands with her friend Milan Sharma to establish "super smelly." 

Super smelly is India’s first toxin-free personal care brand for teenagers and adolescents. Founded in 2018, super smelly offers products that contain nothing other than natural ingredients. Super smelly is witnessing a sales growth of 70 percent every month. This personal care brand is entirely dedicated to providing customers with exclusive and quality products. The exponential growth of this brand is the result of its zeal to manufacture only genuine products.

Super smelly has products to offer for all your self-care needs. The products are vegan, allergen-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, not tested on animals, and naturally derived ingredients. All ingredients are "Safe Cosmetics Australia" approved.

As of now, super smelly has approximately 18 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) across face washes, lip balms, moisturizers, hand rubs, and deodorants. Any harmful ingredient is not approved to be used in the manufacturing of any of its products. The manufacturing and testing process involves the use of safe ingredients and formulations approved by Safe Cosmetics Australia. It either approves or discards the formulation based on its components. Once approved by Safe Cosmetics Australia, the formulations are sent to a French lab to get tested for its suitability for targeted customers and the pH level. The various tests make sure that all Super Smelly products are completely safe and productive.

Products range


  • Deodorants
  • Pocket perfumes
  • Deo combos
  • Deo sticks

Super smelly offers four variants of these deodorants – Wildchild, Hurricane, Whoosh, and Sweet as sin.


Face pack:  Acne warrior oil control zero toxin face pack, Natural glow activated charcoal face pack, Anti-acne regime, Bright and glow regime

Face wash: Ginseng and Aloe Vera face wash, Activated charcoal, Ginseng, and Aloe Vera face wash

Lip balm: Cocoa butter lip balm, Strawberry smoothie lip balm

Moisturizer:  Zero toxins nine-to-nine soul-soothing moisturizer


Hand rub by super smelly

In just two years, super smelly has established itself as an astounding personal care brand. If you, too, have been looking for unique care products with nature-extracted ingredients, the choice could not be better than super smelly.

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