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About PeeSafe

All that you need for maintaining personal hygiene is right here!

Pee Safe is a one-of-a-kind personal hygiene brand founded in 2013. It came to fruition with the efforts of Vikas Bagaria and his wife, Srigana Bagaria. Once, while the husband-wife duo was traveling, Srigana caught Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) by using public toilets. When hospitalized, she put forward the idea of launching the first toilet seat sanitizer spray in India. Vikas Bagaria, a serial entrepreneur, decided to work on his wife’s idea. Hence, the very first product that Pee Safe launched was something that never existed in India before - A toilet seat sanitizer spray. In January 2020, Pee Safe won the recognition as the Best SMB brand of the year by Amazon India. This personal hygiene brand now offers its products across five countries globally and 70 cities in India. 

 A brief about the flagship product

The toilet seat sanitizer is clinically approved, isopropyl-based, and quick-drying. The sanitizer dries almost immediately after spraying, which leaves the toilet seat clean and usable within seconds. This product is a must-buy for every traveler and especially women. Women are always at a high risk of contracting UTI after using unclean public washrooms. So, this product by Pee Safe comes to the rescue of all the ladies out there! 

Pee Safe is no more a one product brand now! Through the course of the past few years, Pee Safe has expanded itself to offer intimate hygiene products for both women and men. also provides items from various brands like Raho safe, Pollution safe, Moskito safe, and Palm safe. 

The diverse product assortment of Pee Safe is worth having a look at:

Product range

Intimate hygiene: Intimate wash and wipes, Intimate powder, Cramp relief roll-on, Sanitary pads, Pantyliners, Tampons, Menstrual cups, Sweat pads, Disposable bags

Toilet: Toilet seat sanitizer

Home: Disinfectant, Protectant, Floor cleaner, Fruit and veg wash, Cleansing wipes 

Anti-pollution: Face-scrub, Face wash, Face mist, Face guard, Face mask

Maternity: Maternity/Bladder pads, Breast pads

Anti-mosquito: Body spray, Fabric roll-on, Patches

Hands: Hand wash, Hand sanitizer, Hand cleanser


There is a remarkable collection of products at Pee Safe. They range from Intimate hygiene for both women and men to home hygiene.

Feminine hygiene: HerRoz pack, Reusable Sanitary pads, Pantyliners with aloe vera, 100% organic and biodegradable sanitary pads, Natural cleansing set

Men hygiene: The man pack, MANtra pack, Intimate wipes for men, Intimate care pack for men, Intimate wash

Combo packs

Combos: Disinfectant spray, Kitchen essentials, Outdoor care pack, Homecare pack, Diwali Cleaning combo, Travel kit, Protection pack

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