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About Dominos

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 Domino’s is a brand that resonates with the word Pizza. The incredibly successful pizza chain has its presence in more than 80 countries worldwide. From the US to India, Domino’s has established itself as the leading pizza chain.

Domino's birth dates back to the 1960s when two brothers, Tom and James Monaghan, bought a small pizzeria called Dominick's in Michigan, United States. After 8 months of acquiring the restaurant, James Monaghan traded his share for a second-hand Volkswagen Beatle they used for pizza deliveries. In 1965, the restaurant's name was changed to Domino's. One of the restaurant's delivery driver suggested the new title.

Domino's Pizza is primarily loved for the use of good-quality cheese in them. The toppings used are fresh. The complementary oregano and chili flakes make Domino's pizzas even more mouth-watering. Domino's makes sure that only hot pizzas reach your plate. Be it hand-tossed, cheese-burst, or thin-crust Pizza, the hygiene and sanitization protocols followed by Domino's remain constant. It is made sure that all pizzas are baked at 245 degrees celsius, making them safe for consumption. Amidst the covid-19 situation, the brand has come up with contactless preparation of dough and other ingredients to ensure consumers' complete safety.

The Domino’s restaurants used to be too small for sit-down dinings. Hence, Tom Monaghan outsourced the Pizza delivering task to laid-off factory workers. To this day, Domino's Pizza continues to offer quality pizzas across many different countries. Domino's has expanded and has become one of the most loved and cherished pizza restaurants worldwide.

The choices offered by Domino's have expanded to veg-pizzas for vegetarians. Side orders and different drinks are also famous for complementing the delicious pizzas. There is a vast range of mouth-watering pizzas offered at the Domino's.

India is the country with the largest number of Domino’s restaurants after the US. So, take a look at the assortment of pizzas offered at Domino’s in India.

Domino’s India pizza range

Veg pizza: Margherita, Double cheese Margherita, Farmhouse, Peppy paneer, Mexican Green wave, Deluxe veggie, Veg Extravaganza, Cheese and Corn, Paneer Makhani, veggie paradise, Fresh veggie, Indi tandoori paneer

Non-veg Pizza:  Pepper barbecue chicken, Chicken sausage, Chicken golden delight, Non-veg supreme, Chicken dominator, Pepper barbecue and onion, Chicken Fiesta, Indi chicken tikka

Pizza mania: Tomato, Veg loaded, Cheesy, Capsicum, Onion, Golden corn, Pepper and Onion, Cheese and tomato

Other eatables: Garlic bread, Chicken Meatballs Peri-Peri, Burger Pizza, White Pasta Italiano, Garlic Breadsticks, Chocolate Lava Cake, Potato Cheese Shots, Brownie Fantasy, Butterscotch Mousse Cake, Chicken Parcel, Veg Parcel 

The wide range of yummy items offered by Domino’s does not end here. It offers the amenity to get pizzas customized as per the customer’s choice of crust and toppings. 

One simply cannot resist the unmatched taste of Domino’s pizzas!

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