Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is
  2. is one of the India’s largest cashback website. It helps users to save on all their online purchases. Users can purchase as per their needs/requirements across over 250+ shopping websites. It is very easy to earn cashback via CashClub. Search for your desired retailer you want to shop at and avail exclusive discounts along with the additional cashback. One can transfer his/her cashback into his/her bank account once approved/validated value is above Rs.250.

  3. List of retailers
  4. We have tie ups with over 250+ retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Tatacliq, Myntra, Medlife etc. One can easily search for their desired retailer by just typing the retailer name in the search box or can browse through various categories to check the exclusive offers/deals from favourite retailer.

  5. Does a user need to pay to use
  6. No. This is a free service. One does not have to pay anything to use our service.

Earning Cashback

  1. How to earn cashback via
  2. Login to CahClub & search for the retailer you want to shop at. On the retailer store page user can either click on any of the deal they like or they can click on "Activate Reward". Once the user clicks on this it will redirect them to the retailer's site where they can shop like as per their need. It takes anywhere between 5 min to 72 Hours for a cashback to track in the users CashClub account depending on the retailer you shop at. Once the user accumulates Rs.250 or more Confirmed Cashback he/she can transfer the Cashback to his/her Bank Account via NEFT PS - Users can only redeem once they have Rs.250 or more Confirmed Cashback

  3. Pending Cashback/Rewards
  4. Pending Cashback/Rewards are those that a user has done via CashClub and have been tracked by CashClub and acknowledged by retailers. These are yet validated/approved by the retailer. Since these transactions are still within the Return or Cancellation period of the retailer, one cannot transfer or redeem this amount yet. For example: If a user makes a purchase from through CashClub, He/She will get an email from us acknowledging that their transaction is tracked and they have a Pending Cashback of Rs.250 within 5 minutes. Once the cancellation/return period is over, will confirm this to us and pay us in the next monthly payment cycle. We shall then move Rs.250 to your Confirmed Earnings. However, if you cancel your order, the Cashback is cancelled as well.

  5. Confirmed Cashback/Rewards
  6. Confirmed Cashback/Rewards are those thransactions which have been approved by the retailer as valid transactions. Once a user have Rs.250 or more Confirmed Cashback they can transfer this Cashback to their Bank Account via NEFT.

  7. How long after the transaction will it take to actually get cashback?
  8. This depends on the retailer. After a user does any transaction through CashClub they will receive a mail from us within some time (Upto 72 hours) with the tentative details of how much Cashback is due to you. This is called 'Pending' Cashback. Once the return period of your product(s) is over/stay is completed, the retailer knows that the transaction was genuine, and pays us. The status of your Cashback will automatically change to 'Confirmed'. From the time of your purchase it could take between 48 hours to 90 days for your Cashback to get confirmed.

  9. Where can a user check his/her earnings?
  10. Once a user is logged in, they will see "My Account" section on their screen. Click on "My Earnings" to see your Cashback Earnings.

Amazon/Flipkart Rewards

  1. What are rewards?
  2. Rewards are same as cashback, which you earn each time you shop on Amazon/Flipkart via CashClub. 1 Reward = 1 Rupee

  3. Reward Payment
  4. When a user have earned a minimum of Rs.250 as Confirmed Rewards, they can make a payment request to us and we will pay them via Amazon Gift Cards once you make a request.

    To request payment, login to your CashClub account. On the top right corner of the navigation bar, click on "My Earnings". Here the user needs to click on "Request Rewards". Fill in the details. It will take 5-6 business days for the gift cards to deliver to user's email id.

General Queries

  1. What is the best way to purchase via
  2. To ensure your Cashback tracks successfully clear your cookies to get started. Log into and click out to any retailer through Always click on "Activate Reward" or click on the use one of the blue buttons to click out from to the retailer's site. Do not visit the retailer directly after clicking on In case you click on any other sites like comparison sites etc after clicking out from CashClub, the commission from the sale would be paid to the comparison site and not to us. In cases like these if we do not receive any commission from retailers we will not be able to pay Cashback to the user. only works online. So if a user buys/purchases anything over the telephone or in-store, we will not be able to pay you any Cashback. Coupons/Voucher - To get Cashback via please only use voucher codes supplied by If you use any other voucher codes/coupons etc. we will not be able to pay any Cashback. Keep all email confirmations and documents from the retailer - just in case you need to use the information for submitting an earnings enquiry.

Missing Cashback

  1. Transaction not tracked in user account/panel. What to do?
  2. It generally takes upto 72 hours for retailers to track sales. However, if you made a purchase over 3 days ago and its not tracked on the panel, please submit a Missing Cashback ticket within 10 days from the date of transaction. No Missing Cashback Claims will be accepted after 10 days. Sometimes, retailers fail to track a transaction on their end.

    Once the user submits their transaction details, we will send those details to the retailer and follow up with them, and attempt to get your Missing Cashback.

    Steps to submit Missing Cashback details:

    Log in to
    On the top right corner go to 'My Account' then click on "Missing Cashback".
    Here a user will be able to see status of all the missing claims.
    To file a new claim – Click on "Add Ticket"
    User will have to submit the following details – Date of Transaction/Retailer/Coupon Code user if any etc.

  3. How long it takes to resolve the missing caskback claims?
  4. Missing Cashback claims can take upto 30-45 days based on the retailer. We try our level best to resolve your missing Cashback query as soon as possible. If the claim gets resolved quickly, the caskback is passed to the user as soon as we get the confirmation.

  5. What happens if the Missing CashBack Claim is denied?
  6. The final approval is given by the retailer and the hold the sole discretion of determining whether a transaction is approved or not. In some cases your Cashback may be declined. Once a retailer has made a decision it is final and binding. We can however share valid proofs with retailer and try to check with them in some cases.

Payment Policy

  1. What is our payment policy?
  2. Only Confirmed Cashback can be paid.
    When a user accumulates a minimum of Rs.250 as Confirmed Cashback, we can pay the money to their Bank Account via NEFT or as Amazon Gift Cards.
    It generally takes 5-7 business days for payments via NEFT depending on your Bank.

  3. How to request for payment?
  4. Once a user accumulates a minimum of Rs.250 as Confirmed Cashback, he/she can request for payment.
    To request payment, login to your CashClub account. On the top right corner navigate to "My Account" then click on "My earnings". Fill in details. You will get an OTP on your registered Email for confirming the payment.
    Please note – only 'Confirmed' cashback can be paid.

  5. How can a user change their payment details?
  6. Log in to your CashClub account. On the top right corner click on "My Account". Click on Payment setting option. User can add their Brand details here.

Account Setting

  1. How to change Password?
  2. Log in to your CashClub account. On the top right corner click on "My Account". Click on "Change Password" option.

  3. How to change password if a user forgets the same?
  4. Click on Login button. A pop up will open to enter email and password. There is an option of "Forget Password" over there. Click on that, follow the steps. User will receive an email for resetting the password. Occasionally, the email may arrive in your 'junk/spam' folder. The reset link will be valid for 24 hours.

Refer and Earn

  1. What is referral earning?
  2. Everytine a user refers someone to he/she will get Rs.50. This Rs.50 will get confirmed once the reffered user requests for their 1st payout. So, for example say you referred Ankit to CashClub. Rs.50 will be added to your account in pending state. Once Ankit request for his 1st payout of Rs 250 and above, the status of this Rs.50 gets changed to confirmed and becomes available for payout.
    One can track all their referral earnings by clicking on "My Earning" under "My Account" option.

  3. How to Refer friends?
  4. Referring friends is very simple. You can share your unique referral link with friends through Email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. Visit the "Refer and Earn" page for more details.

  5. Where to check referral earnings?
  6. Log in to your CashClub account. On the Top right corner click on "My Account" then click on "My Earning". Here click on Referral earning tab to check all the referral details.